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Gender Female
Location Puget Sound, United States
Introduction My name is Jeanette, and I was born in Sweden, but unlike the famous Muppet, I am not a professional Swedish Chef. I actually went to school for art, design, and photography. Beyond that, I worked as a freelance indie-rock critic for several magazines in the late 90s and early 2000s. I even took a crack at running a PR company for a while. However, cooking has always been in my DNA--my dad's brother was a chef and culinary arts instructor, my dad's father was a pastry chef, and my mom's mother was a caterer, and at the age of 92, she published a cookbook of traditional Finnish breads and pastries. Everyone else in my family loves to cook, too, and we're not afraid to experiment. Usually I end up inventing dishes (with or without outside inspiration) with whatever I have on hand, hence "Off the Cuff." I might make very Scandinavian dishes (meatballs, and salmon with dill-potatoes) or ethnic like Thai, Japanese, Mexican, Italian or Spanish. By the way, you can put bell peppers in almost all cuisine! (Drop me a line, at o f f t h e c u f f c o o k i n g "at" g m a i l followed by the dot-com. :)
Interests Art, graphic & interior design, crafts, cooking, traveling, photography, gardening... anything and everything.
Favorite Movies Classical and/or musical films from the Golden Era of Hollywood are my preference, but I do also love cult comedies, and Steve Martin and Peter Sellers do a fine job of that. Oh and movies about pirates.
Favorite Music Big band, jazz, classical, and "easy listening" on the one hand... on the other hand, obscure indie bands, and 80s synth pop. And the best band ever? ABBA.
Favorite Books The Holy Bible, anything by C.S. Lewis, F.Scott Fitzgerald, James Thurber, and I also have a very fond spot in my heart for The Little Prince.