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Introduction leechardasks.blogspot.com ------------------------------------------- Leechard(Cheng Wing Lim) was a columnist at the Hong Kong newspaper "Mingpao". He had been writing for Mingpao for 19 years and was fired since 2007. Leechard is a opponent to the Confucius doctrine. He said that the Chinese Culture had been changed by the Han Emperors. The Han ruling class destroyed and rewrote the ancient original Chinese thoughts, allowing only the Confucius ideas to spread. They used the Confucius doctrine to control the authoritarian state. The Original soul of the Chinese people, Leechard believes, is in the ancient history of China which is not tainted by Confucius.
Leechard can be reached by the following:
Tel: 852-91864286
Post: GPO box 4048, Hong Kong.
Email: Academy2008@hotmail.com

李察是香港明報問到底專欄作家(1988-2007)。原名鄭穎濂。 歡迎提出意見或轉載(請注明出處便可)。或直接來電:852-25594690 (香港時間) 通訊處 GPO BOX 4048, HONG KONG 歡迎電郵,請寄 Leechard 收academy2008@hotmail.com 問題一定在三天之內回覆。如若不覆,可能是收不到了。請再傳,直到收到為止。為了杜絕假冒李察名字發出電郵的惡劣行為,所有回應都是公開的, 一般不會用電郵作覆。就算是很特殊的例外,也會在網頁上知會你接收電郵。回信刊在leecha.blogspot.com 若果有特別的想法,請以電話聯絡。來信請用真名。發表可用筆名。請附電話。
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