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Introduction And so.... I've always had an appreciation for food. Like most people memories of my Granny are entrenched in my psyche and it's often her dishes that I work most hard to replicate and definitely where my love of the humble bowl of soup stems. There's nothing quite as gratifying for me, a counterfoil to the cold, the hangover, a hug on a cold day and a dish which can be whipped up in minutes or left to simmer and bubble for an entire day (when, like so many dishes, it tastes even better!). And I guess soup was my first tentative step into cooking and so began a love that has never waned. So finally, spurred on by my compadres, The Fabulous Baker Girl and florist extraordinaire Ruby (lady of the house at Ruby Flowers) I have, with much trepidation and consistent unwavering technophobia dipped my toes into the blogosphere..... I am neither chef nor critic but rather someone who follows the mantra of Confucius ENJOY YOURSELF, IT'S LATER THAN YOU THINK. Posted by Wilde at heart at 23:12 Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook0 comments: Post a Comment