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Introduction Mat Blackwell is a multi-award-winning writer, a visual artist, a prolific chaos-musician, and a reclusive troglodyte who veers between feeling universal oneness with all living beings, and wishing that they'd all just hurry up and die. He has written jokes for performers as varied as Waleed Aly, Paul McDermott, Corinne Grant, Amanda Keller, Sammy J, Wil Anderson, and Barry Humphries. He wrote the funny bits of TV shows like THE GLASS HOUSE, GOOD NEWS WEEK, WEDNESDAY NIGHT FEVER, and THINK TANK. He also co-created and co-wrote the hilariously grotesque sharehouse-convict-black-comedy BRUCE, starring (amongst others) Angus Sampson, Rich Davies, and Dave Lawson. When he's not cranking out the gags for TV, or penning satirical novels for discerning adults, Mat writes philosophical essays on music, art, humour, and morality. When it comes to the Eternal Cosmic Battle between the Reptilians from the Lower Fourth Dimension and the Ancient Things that Should Not Be, he proudly stands against the Reptilians, and, indeed, is one of the co-creators of the pro-Earthling occult culture-liberationist anti-Reptilian underground The IWML - but the less said about that, the better.