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Introduction Along the side of the road, behind a picket fence, in a small gray house you'll most likely find me sipping a cup of tea. And if I've had a productive morning there will be a scone to go with it. Either a sewing project, a reading book, or a small bichon dog will be in my lap. Unless of course I don't have a lap, which means I'm probably on my way out to the garden. I'll have put my wellies on as I never go out there without them. I have two pairs, my favorite is green. They seem to give me super hero strength so that should I encounter a snake (or even a big worm!) I am able to stand my ground. I am determined to create an English cottage garden on our teeny tiny property. This year I was most proud of my hollyhocks and a small crop of sweet peas. Unfortunately they never made it to the dinner table as they were such a great outdoor snack eaten fresh from their shells! Needless to say, until such time as my harvest greatly increases I shall have to purchase my piccalilli relish rather than make my own.