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Location Michigan, United States
Introduction I'm a crazed mom of two little beauties - Sophia, my two-year-old smarty pants and Marissa, my grinning baby - only 18 months apart. One was very planned and the other, not so much. I do whatever it takes ā€“ a diet heavy on chocolate and caffeine, Gregorian chants, whatever ā€“ to maintain inner peace among motherhood, career and the pursuit of domestic glory. Like other moms today, Iā€™m striving for balance but making do with a multi-tasking juggling act. I began this blog to give other moms a "cheat sheet." I'll share the discoveries, tips and gadgets that can make parenthood easier. And, let's keep it real and fun. I'll be sure to talk about my mama struggles because venting is just a woman's way of life. I hope you enjoy the chat!
Favorite Movies If you just had a baby, rent "Baby Mama." Actually if you just had a c-section - don't. It will hurt too much to laugh.
Favorite Music "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor. Applicable on so many days.
Favorite Books "Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child" - this is the only child-rearing book that I received that became a bible to me.