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Introduction I'm an ADD girl of interests... I liked to scrapbook, make cards, crochet, self taught to knit, photography, sew quilts, and touch up old furniture. I'm like a Jill of all trades, with no mastery anywhere - yep, that'd be me folks. I'm a family girl. My family means everything to me. I'm a single mom to a teen (Peanut) and I'm happily dating someone awesome. I try to always see the positives in any situation, but I can take on a person's emotions as my own which is somewhat of a downfall...maybe, perhaps?
Favorite Music I can't do favorites. Love, LOVE old country though... Don Williams. I like the kind of music that evokes feelings from deep down in my heart, music that brings back memories from childhood, or memories about people. THAT is my favorite kind of music!
Favorite Books I'm horrible at picking just one thing, or just ten. I do have a penchant for reading WWII books. I can't get over how some crazy loon could get so many people to believe what he stands for and promotes is right and just. Why didn't people stand up? I don't get it...

Never mind the turtle. Don't you think you're sure to win?

Funny this random question thing. My random answer is: Sushi.