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Introduction I just had my 6th kid and I'm 32. Pretty young for lots of kids, but I'm realizing its just how I want it. In 15-20 years, my lovely husband and I will be off to see the world while our kids house sit and water our plants. And we'll be young enough to do it. For now I don't have lots of time for myself but I'm ok with that. Wiping butts is good for humilitly. I love good coffee and am not opposed to having cake for breakfast. I'm also a morning person and a little bit of a loner - but only to recharge and then I love company again. I married the only guy who I've ever been certain I could live with forever without getting severly annoyed or bored. After 8 years, we're still in love and great friends and I'm not at all bored or annoyed. This blog is ment for me as a place where I can write and laugh at my kids. But, I like the idea of other people enjoying it, as well. I hope you do.
Interests I've always been a writer which is why I started this blog. I also love being outside and wouldn't mind having a beach house in the carribean someday. Hey, it could happen. I like making things. My latest interst is wire wrapping and jewelry. My favorite thing about it is there's always something new and more challenging I can learn. That and I can wear it when I'm done.