About me

Gender Female
Industry Communications or Media
Occupation Writer
Location Selangor, Malaysia
Introduction Welcome to Ringgit Jottings! I'm a 27+ year old writer newly discovering the joys of this thing called personal finance and loving every minute of it. Started this blog to get myself better educated on money management and share what I learn along the way with other "works in progress" like myself. My other motivator is the fact that there are not enough personal finance blogs written by Malaysian women. (No, am not a "feminist", but I do like the idea of balance to any single-gender dominated area). RJ is a record of my thoughts and experiences during my ongoing journey to Financial Freedom. I love to hear other people's stories too, do drop a comment or an e-mail about any you'd like to share...:) Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your stay!
Favorite Movies Thrillers/whodunits, indie, sci-fi, rom-comedies (all kinds of comedies), whatever captures my fancy.
Favorite Music Rock (most sub-genres), 80s/90s pop, retro, indie/alternative, occasionally Indian/Asian classical and film music.
Favorite Books Too many to fit here.

Radio wire is often used to make bird nests. What station do they listen to?

RedFm's "Clash", Virgin Radio