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Occupation World saver/destroyer
Location Aiyda
Introduction My name is Corinne. I've been through a lot lately, what with discovering I could destroy, or save, all the worlds, depending on the choices I make. People are trying to kill me. In my spare time, I like to blog & interview friends from other books. You can read my story in "Death by Destiny" once Kimberly Kinrade, my creator, actually gets her butt in gear and finishes the rewrite!
Interests martial arts, journalism, travel (especially travel to parallel worlds from which I was born) fighting evil, fulfilling prophesies (but only the good ones, not the ones that say I will destroy everyone I love)
Favorite Music Linken Park, Muse, umm..idk Lots.
Favorite Books My own books of course! Death by Destiny, which will be a trilogy!