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Gender MALE
Industry Science
Occupation Researcher
Location Freedom, Independence and Liberty, United States
Introduction I am a person who loves school, graduated into a recession, have a sense of huge devotion to individuality and the individual cultures of the earth. I love nature and all the things in it. I prefer truth of any other form of knowledge. I have in-depth ideas of the forensics of most all things. I was a child of the know it all. I believe in meditation and the that the mind, body, and spirit are the most powerful thing in the universe. I beleive, no matter what others say, that a human can completly be one with nature (or the divines child) and understand each key element around them. For the most part, being free is what I believe in. The choice of each women and man to create their own path and to deal with it as they have chosen, to overcome, to bear, and to own ones own, is what I see.
Interests Reading writing, being in love, burning my neck red when I go biking, mountain climbing, hiking, cayaking, shooting, running, fishing, chasing after birds, running with the wind or ocean wave current, running with butterflies, trying to be as tall as the trees, cars, and the idea of propelling, technology, speech and debate, education, my future family and how I can strategize to better their freedom and lives.
Favorite Movies Red Dawn, Any magical or sci-fi movie, action movies, old kung fu movies, documentaries, historical movies, pretty much a lot of stuff except for cheese movies like Babble or Mr. Smitty. I hate those movies; Love Jack Nicholson and Brad Pitt though, they are good actors; oh ya can't forget the Matrix.
Favorite Music Country, Reggae, Folk, Celtic, Rock and Roll, R&B, Rock, Techno, pretty much that is if it is good well orchestraighted music I dig it.
Favorite Books or Writers John Locke's writtings Two Treatise & An Essay Concerning Human Understanding at the top though, Dan Brown's writtings, Dean Kootze Tick Tock rocked, Mr. China's Son, The Path of Law Oliver Wendell Holmes, Common Sense, Robert Greene the man is a Genius, Aristotle Nicomachean Ethics Politics, Niccolo Machiavelli, Jean Jaques Rousseau The Social Contract, The Call of the Wild Jack London, The Wealth of Nations, may I not forget one of most favorite memorable books by Melissa Müller Anne Frank she sort of wrote, I think Anne Frank really wrote it.