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Location Oslo
Introduction Historian and librarian by training, nerd and musician by lack of taste. My blog is highly eclectic ranging fra symbol analysis to blatant anarchism, nerdy chit chat and so forth. As a historian I am mostly concerned with myth complexes, symbolism and rituals in nationalist contexts.
Interests Anarchism, history, politics, the extreme, counter culture, goth, industrial music, sci fi, cyberpunk, body horror, horror in general and so forth, books, film, music
Favorite Movies Videodrome, Tetsuo, Apocalypse Now!, Hardware, Edward Scissorhands, Scanners, Snake of June, Hellraiser, Tokyo Fist, Bullet Ballet, Rabid
Favorite Music Industrial music, old goth, noise and minimalism, and a whole lot more.
Favorite Books Heart of Darkness, Temple of the Golden Pavillion, Catcher in the Rye, Atrocity Exhibition, Naked Lunch, 1984, Neuromancer, Damnation Alley, At the Mountains of Madness, etc etc.

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