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Introduction Hey there, I'm Sarah! Part-Time Stay-At-Home Mom, Full- Time Evil Genius. Matriarch of the World-Famous Ape Squad (Beebie, Ry the Pie, and Tito).

Mainly, I write about my knitting and the things that interrupt it - kids, depression, poop, and my everyday struggle to survive in the oppressive wasteland of Suburbia.

I'm not here to blow sunshine up anybody's ass. We're not gonna sit around holding hands and singing Kum Ba Muthahfuggin Yah.

**Check out the new audio clip on my profile. NSFW, of course.**

How do you pronounce the 'g' in bologna?

That's a G? I always thought it was "Oscar Mayer Has A Way With B-O-L-O-Z-N-A." No wonder I flunked Kinderzarten.