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Occupation Domestic Goddess
Location Deep South, United States
Introduction I am the mother of 10 children, 6 are part of a large sibling group we adopted through foster care in 2006, 2 are our grown foster daughters, 2 are from independent infant adoptions in 2001 and 2008. Every one of them have their own issues to work through from Schizo-Affective Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Complex PTSD, Reactive Attachment Disorder, Sensory Integration Dysfunction, ADHD, and Cerebral Palsy. Most of our children have been victims of sexual abuse by a close family member, most acted out sexually or exhibited predatory behaviors. We are currently trying to figure out where the trauma ends and mental illness begins in each of their lives.
Interests Spending time on therapists waiting rooms, making numerous therapy appointments, shutting the bathroom lights off for the hundreth time each day, flushing toilets ramdomly, IEP meetings, constantly reassuring my children this is for real, teaching my children to play appropriately, wiping faces or noses too many times to count, and shopping for the many items the kids need for tomorrow that they forgot to tell me they volunteered me to bring.
Favorite Movies I have no choice in movies anymore and am at their mercy.