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Industry Arts
Occupation Musician/Singer/Songwriter
Location Taipei, Taiwan
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Introduction Daniel is a musician, singer and songwriter from Texas, currently living in Taiwan. Daniel's appreciation for Taiwanese music is one of the things that brought him to Taiwan. His musical experience ranges from rock to contemporary art music to traditional world music; he grew up with the Beatles (among many others), studied music composition at university and performed with South Indian and African Music ensembles. His passion, songwriting, incorporates elements of all of these. Daniel 是從德州來的樂手、歌手與詞曲創作者,目前住在台灣。種種因緣帶他來到台灣,對台灣音樂的喜愛便是其中之一。他的音樂經歷從搖滾、現代藝術音樂到傳統世界音樂;聽披頭四(以及許多其他)音樂長大的Daniel,大學時主修作曲,並參與南印度及非洲音樂社團演出;Daniel將以上的音樂元素融合他的最愛—詞曲創作中。