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Occupation College Composition Instructor
Location Pacific Northwest
Introduction Karina spent her teen and college years partly in awe of the Lord and partly wrestling with Him over questions like why He would command Joshua to commit genocide. In college, she demanded answers, lest she leave the Christian faith. The Lord whispered that if he answered all of her questions, she’d no longer rely upon Him. Unable to argue with that, karina decided to trust the Lord. Years later, juggling work and toddlers, anxiety was so heavy upon her she was prescribed an anti-depressant. Seeking a real solution, she decided to pray every day of 2005 for a "quiet and gentle spirit." Never could she have imagined how God would answer her prayer. He gifted her not only with a gentle spirit, but also with his whispers of mystery and new clarity into the questions plaguing her heart. That year, mysticism happened to her through a series of divine encounters. She found herself in a twilight zone of blessings and torments, hearing both the whispers of the Spirit and the terrors of the adversary. Friends encouraged her to see a psychologist and increase her meds, but the Spirit encouraged her to persevere.

She scoured the scriptures, the lost gospels, and the mystics throughout history. These were sunrays, confirming the whispers, shedding new light, and de-brainwashing old ideas. As terrifying as it was to see with new eyes, it was amazing, beautiful, and healing. Karina’s path had begun.