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Introduction We were so lucky to meet each other. A lot of small situations had to happen and I had to meet a number of people to finally meet Jan. Jan wasn't going to come home from leave before Iraq. Thank goodness he did.. Now that we are together the world better watch out. We are getting married soon and we are so excited about it!.. We just like to have fun. So if you are not fun we probably don't like you very much... We can't wait to get over this time apart and start our adventures together!
Interests We'll try anything once.. We are most interested in spending time together.. Jan can't get enough of snowboarding, and anything "extreme".. Jackie loves traveling, art, and games .. we both love video games, shopping, eating, winning, working out and much more. Most of our interest are the same. We like to have fun and laugh so as long as we are doing that we are the happiest people.. Some of our downfalls are movies and comedy, but usually other then that we can get along just great!
Favorite Movies Movies for us fall into three categories: Jackie likes it, Jan likes it, or neither of us like it. There is no mixing of categories.
Favorite Music All kinds of rock, rap/hip hop..Jan enjoys most everything. Jackie can not stand county or Jack Johnson... We like to dance and be merry so if it has a good beat we probably like it.
Favorite Books We are very a like. Neither of us read. Unless its a short comic or something.