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Introduction I grew up spending alot of time with my Grandmother. That's her up there in the banner. She was my best friend. She taught me how to sew, really sew, not just make bean bags ;) She taught me how to wear makeup for the first time [40's style] which was the way she always wore it. How to style hair with pin curls set under a giant scary metal portable hairdryer. She went through the "Miss Manners" book with me and often made me walk in heels with a book on my head when I was a young girl. She taught me how to be dignified and truly beautiful, inside and out. I miss her and her generation, they were sincere and heroic in ways children of today will never become. If the people of today's generation were asked to sacrifice the necessities and luxuries our Grandparents gave up for Victory, I doubt it will ever be obtained. Once our Grandparents are gone, so too will an age of integrity, style, and grace under pressure that will never be seen again.
Interests Designing & Constructing my own clothes, painting in oils, watercolor or on my computer, reading, being with my husband, learning about by gone eras such as the Victorian age & WWII.
Favorite Movies 13 Rue Madeleine, The Hard Way, Strangers on a Train, Sudden Fear, They Met in Bombay, The Feminine Touch, Die Die My Darling, Auntie Mame, Road to Bali, 1000 Bedrooms, Some Like it Hot, GiGi, Monkey Business, Smilin' Through, Bitter Sweet, The Chocolate Soldier, My Sister Eileen, Andy Hardy's Blonde Trouble, Andy Hardy's Double Life, Adam's Rib
Favorite Music Big Band, Swing, Jazz, 20's, 30's
Favorite Books Any instructional books made with style.