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Introduction I'm Duncan McGeary, owner and/or operator for the last 33 years of Pegasus Books in Downtown Bend, Oregon. These days I'm writing books as well as selling them. I'm the comic book guy. But even more so, I'm a book book guy. Books of all kinds. Big books and little books, children's and adult, fiction and non-fiction, hardback and paperback and trade paperback and graphic novels. Books with more words than pictures and books with more pictures than words. They are all part of the book world to me, and I love being surrounded by them every day. I also have a second blog: Pegasus Books, where I list the product coming in over the next week.
Interests Lately I've gotten into writing books as well as selling them. I'm a published author of three mass market paperbacks, STAR AXE; SNOWCASTLES;and ICETOWERS, which were published in the early 1980's. I've decided to take up writing again, and already have two new efforts nearly ready to go, and the last book I wrote before I bought the store. I'm going to put them up as e-books. A Cyberpunk Hobbit story called "FREEDY FILKINS, INTERNATIONAL JEWEL THIEF. A Cthulhu versus Faery story (with humans caught in the middle) called NEARLY HUMAN. And a Science Fiction novel called DEVILREE.