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Introduction A graduate of Master in Public Policy with a concentration in International and Global Affairs at Harvard Kennedy School of Government, I also recently received an International MBA in the Netherlands. Alongside my studies, I worked as a researcher and consultant on projects related to the prospects of reform in Iran, the impact of international development policies on the empowerment of women, children and education. Now, I continue to work as a researcher and consultant to internationally recognized foundations and institutions with regards to, broadly speaking, civil society in the Middle East and beyond. I currently live in the East Coast of the United States and travel frequently to Boston, NYC and Washington DC for work. In 2007, I received an Honors BA degree in Comparative Literature from Oberlin College in Ohio. Studying literature was not a random decision in my life as I believe in the power of words and the magic of narration and story-telling in reconciling with the trauma caused by tragic experiences in one's life. I was born and raised in Tehran, Iran and moved to the United States in the last year of high school.