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Location franklin, United States
Introduction Many years ago, armed with Round-up and a hired tree guy I found on Craigslist, I declared war on my "too shady backyard". Trees came down and I sprayed anything green because anything I didn't plant must be a weed, right? One look at the down trees and cut up logs now laying on the ground, and I instantly regretted my decision. What had I done? It was at that moment that a gardener was born. With a sense of regret, I vowed that I would try as hard as I could restore my backyard to its natural glory. I had some mature trees left, and have worked to replant native understory trees in the place of the ones cut down. I don’t tug anything out of the ground until I am sure what it is. I remove the invasive thugs, and allow everything else to stay. I preserve the native plants I find, and are always adding more. In the process have learned that native plants are quite wonderful, and it’s such a comfort to know that my yard is becoming what nature intended. I am not obsessed with having a manicured garden, but instead have a naturalized setting where birds and insects are free to roam. I share my garden with my husband and my 4 year-old, Elijah.