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Location Washington, Washington
Introduction Heyy! My Name is Jen! and.. i try too hard sometimes. lol im funny. and cute and bla bla im not that concieted. haha naw i really enjoy my friends and family, and long walks on a warm beach and a sunny dayy and ice cream and classic rock music and Pink Martini music.. lol but thats it.. lol ;)
Interests Basketball, Golf, Bowling, Styles:Retro, Indie, modern, bohemian. Friends, Family, Supernatural lol, Life.
Favorite Movies Straight from my Myspace Page babyy! Harry Potter:THBP!!, Harry Potter(1-4) Transformers 2: revenge of the fallen!! Transformers, Star Trek, The Haunting in Conneticut, Fired up!, Ten Inch Hero, BATMAN: The Dark Knight, Hancock, The Strangers, Iron Man, The Jacket, The Frighteners, A journey to the center of the earth(new), A Superhero movie, Night at the Museum:BOTS, House Bunny, Robin Hood: Men In Tights, The Princess Bride, Forrest Gump, Army Of Darkness, Mars attacks!, Space Balls, Cellular, MAX Payne, Aladdin (1&2), Star Wars(ALL), Pirates of Carabean (ALL), Indiana Jones (ALL) Mission Impossible (ALL) Across the Universe, The Prestige, Blades of Glory, Titanic, Greese, The Simpsons Movie, Stargate, The Invisible, Alvin and the Chipmonks, Apollo 13, Independence Day, KING KONG(old&new) The Day the Earth Stood Still, War of the worlds (old&new) The Day after Tomorrow, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Star Trek:The Rath of Khon Shrek(1st) Cheaper by the Dozen, Superman, Batman: The Movie(ORIGINAL) Frankenstein, Drake and josh go to hollywood.
Favorite Music Still..from my myspace lol BOSTON, Favorite Song: The Animals-"House of the Rising sun", Bon Jovi, CCR, Aerosmith, ACDC, Pink Floyd, Lynyrd Skynard, led zeppelin, Bob Marley, Stevie Ray Vaughn, , Jimmy Hendrix, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Queen, ZZ TOP, Eric Clapton, Johnny Cash, Dire Straits, Thriving Ivory, The Beatles, Bad Company, Katy Perry, Tom Petty, Van Halen, Santana, The Doors, Linkin Park, Three days grace, Foreigner, A Fine frenzy, jack johnson, james blunt, Kanye west, Fleetwood Mac, Joe Walsh, styx, Weezer, Daughtry, taylor swift, The Moldy peaches James Morrison, Pink Martini, Jason manns, Jo Stafford, Jensen Ackles<-lol.
Favorite Books Harry potter fer sher! lol and some good old artimus fowl.. ;) what can i say i go for the fantasy adventure kind.. =]

why arent thumbs considered fingers? i mean... hello?? they spend ALLL there time with your other fingers.. i for one think they should get a promotion.. there really helpful and work a lot.. lol what do u think? ;)