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Industry Internet
Location Manila, Philippines
Introduction I am not a very articulate person when it comes to verbally expressing things that goes on inside my mind. There are voices in my head that would not stop.... I found out that the only thing to make them stop is to get them all out of my system. I love bananas and mangoes. I also love Manny Pacquiao. I love music , arts and I love to travel. I travel because I want to be rich. The way I travel enriches my life. You can't buy it.There is no price to it. I travel because I have this extreme unsatisfying hunger for curiosity. My wandering soul is always alive when I explore things and I love that feeling. We laugh , we cry , we socialize, we explore, we wander, we discover things and sometimes we travel , initially , to lose ourselves, next is to find ourselves. I love...You! =)