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Location LostAtSea, WTFMate, Colombia
Introduction Dear friends and family, In 2001 we began to feel another adventure comming on so we decided to leave Sarasota, Florida, after living ad sailing/racing there for 5 years. Backpacking, again, didn't appeal to us so we opted for a sailing adventure in the Carribean islands. This way we could carry with us our beds, more clothes, favourite music, and kitchen. We purchased a Ted Brewer designed "1980 Morgan 382 sloop" , "ADAGIO", and have only made it as far as Cartagena, in Colombia, since then. This is our opportunity to share with you some of the wonderful moments and people we have experieced without emailing everyone constantly. We will attempt to update this site regularly. However, without email onboard it may be days, or weeks, between postings. Enjoy!! Dimitri & Meri.