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Gender MALE
Industry Technology
Occupation Senior Operating Systems Engineer
Location Pittsburgh, PA, United States
Links Audio Clip
Introduction Part-time sports blogger and poet, full-time engineer. My blog(s) offer a shade of reasonable suggestion. My anthologies shed that layer and provoke a deeper movement.
Interests Comedy, Movies, Hand-Crafted Comedy & Movies, Music, Running, Smiting Heathens, Chinese Food, Sarcasm, Frequent Paychecks, Payday (the board game and the bi-monthly type), Instant Messenger
Favorite Movies Anchorman

The squish of mud between your toes; how would you live your life as a frog?

Probably similarly to the way I live my life now, only a little more wet. Consider the frog - agile leaper of nature. I run a lot as it stands, so that leads me to believe I'd do a lot of leap-hopping. Fat-free flies are the diet of choice. What makes it interesting is that I'd have to avoid predators, which is exactly how I feel whenever I enter a room full of women. Next question.