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Introduction Hi, I represent Etsy,SpringBirdJewelry.I am an artist basically who loves to paint, make jewelry, and other miscellaneous stuff. But i also enjoy writing poetry,making jewelry, gardening, photography, interior designing, dress designing, cooking, traveling and lots more. Spring is a bearer of life and I am inspired by the Spring season. I use strong and fresh bold colors with dark shadows in paintings. And in jewelry, I use those colors which you don't often find in artificial jewelry. Etsy Talent Hunt is established to recognize and connect Creative & Talented Individuals. Women play a major role in establishment of a society; Etsy Talent Hunt is honored to support women with talent and encourages women to express and share their work for the sake of productivity, profit, and prosperity. The team also is established to strengthen Seller and buyer relationship and minimize error of any kind to zero percent. Buyers are welcome to post request or feedback to improve Buyer Service. Productive feedback is highly appreciated and poorly satisfied customers will be handled and satisfied to the best of our ability.

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