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Introduction Moshi Moshi?! Im Chris, from Ireland! I guess I now live the Tuning Life in Japan, even though I actually tried to 'avoid' it at one stage. I'm a Tuner, Driver, JDM importer, Photographer, Writer, Tour Guide, the list is endless! On this blog you will see what I get up to in my busy life - From Cars and Travel to Food, People and Photos etc. This blog will also keep you updated and link you to my friends in the Tuning World from Japan, USA, & Europe. Thanks for dropping by to read, and come back again soon!...Chris
Interests To all Tuners: To everyone who like cars, likes to tune, modify, drive, race, drift etc. Remember tuning is what you make it. Its a wordwide scene now, so many people, so many trends, so many different cultures, but all speaking the same language - CARS! There is no right or wrong way to tune a car, you do what YOU want to do! Make the car the way you see it in your head, we are all into different things, the most important thing is respecting that, and appreciating what others do! Personally for me, tuning is customising the car to what YOU want, making it to your dream specification! Tuning the engine, which is the heart, tune the suspension, performance, every last bolt and screw to you are happy! Then the fun part, enjoy driving it, whether its drift or drag, circuit or street, enjoy using you car for the purpose you built it do. Push the limits, push YOU and your car to peak potential, when you truly find the highest point of performance, enjoy it! Then move onto the next project, next stage, next part of your tuning life! Remember a few things in life, 'If you believe you can, therefore you can' 'Set no limit as your limit' 'Nothing is impossible' PEACE...
Favorite Movies i like car movies, dvds etc, OPTION, Drift Tengoku, JDM Insider etc! also like comedy films, action, anything thats not boring, haha!
Favorite Music U2, Bon Jovi, GnR, Metallica, Oasis, Foo fighters, Aerosmith, coldplay, creed, blink, nirvana, greenday, the list goes on, everything i guess, i listen to literally ANYTHING! from Michael Jacko to Usher etc
Favorite Books Option, drift tengoku, banzai cars, anything car related i will read!