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Occupation I teach. I cook. I joke.
Location Long Beach, California, United States
Introduction I am 40 years old
Interests Haiku, The Deep South, Birds, Food, weinerdogs, and the prison system
Favorite Movies SAVED! Saved is my all time favorite movie. I also love documentaries, the camp genre, anything starring Diane Keaton, mob flicks, and John Waters. I hate Horror movies, anything staring Will Ferrell, and pretty much anything British.
Favorite Music My students help me stay current in the music scene. I LOVE MASHUPS!! LOVE!! I am a huge hip hop fan--str8 up gangsta rap, I like a lot of country music, I like Indie rock tho I pretend that I don't. I LOVE the banjo--anything that has banjo is aiight with me. I do not like screaming music and dubstep makes me want to kill people. Some of my favorite music entertainers are: QUEEN (Freddie Mercury is the greatest singer of all time), Dolly Parton, Eminem, Snoop, Allison Krauss, Mumford and Sons, Michael Jackson, Florence and the Machine, ANYTHING 80's, and Pink. I think Pink is a sexy badass and if she ever picks up a fiddle or a banjo--it will be the death of me. I know I said it before but I REALLY love mashups. That's just the best way to listen to music in my opinion.
Favorite Books I read at least two books a week. I love nonfiction the most. 99% of what I read is true stuff. I have never read Harry POtter and I never will.