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Gender MALE
Industry Technology
Occupation Operations Support Specialist (Special Access Programs)
Location United States
Introduction Private Industry Exp­erience: 20­+ Years Exp­erience Physical & IT Securit­y, Communications Support ­in Banking­ Industry, Counter ­Electronic­ Surveilla­nce, Risk ­Assessment­, Executiv­e Protecti­on. Army,­ C4I. Program Experience: MILAB (1976-1986/87) "Recruit" into Multiple Black Ops Programs & SSP Experience 17 + MILAB Experience 20+ Years Experience - 1986-2007 (w/some recall work done in 89 through THE PRESENT TIME) in various & Programs that Fall Under the MILAB Umbrella, ("20 & Back", "Age regression".) Programs including "I.E. Support" for "Earth Delegations" (Off World Federation Conferences), 6 Years in "SSP" assigned to Non Military R&D Vessel (ASSR “ISRV”– (Auxiliary Specialized Space Research) Interstellar-Class Vessel, "Intruder Intercept/Interrogation Program"...
Interests Providing Truth of my experiences in the ("UN Type") "Human Like ET Federation's" Earth Human Delegation "IE" Support, Multiple Secret Space Programs, Off World Colony & Exchange Program, Secret Earth Governments, MILAB & Blk Ops Programs, Shadow Civil War, Global Financial War & Power of Individual & Group Consciousness in our shared Co-Created Reality.

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