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Location Lafayette, Indiana, United States
Introduction Born and raised in Lafayette, Indiana, I am a libertarian-minded conservative. I've been called a troublemaker a time or two, but if that means I cause trouble for tax wasters and freedom haters, then I'll wear the label as a badge of honor. I'd rather be baking cookies with my grandchildren, but there's too much work to be done. I'll leave the cooking to Betty Crocker, because I want to leave a better world for my grandchildren.
Interests Serving God, Politics, Reading, RKBA, Freedom and Liberty, Genealogy, History, Writing, Grandchildren, Spending time with my family
Favorite Movies Braveheart, The Patriot, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, It's a Wonderful Life, Rear Window, Wuthering Heights, To Kill a Mockingbird, V for Vendetta, A Christmas Carol (the 1950's version), Martin Luther
Favorite Music Dan Fogelberg, Simon & Garfunkel, Chicago, James Taylor, Carole King, Eagles, Electric Light Orchestra, Paul Overstreet, Michael Card
Favorite Books The Bible, Pride & Prejudice, Pygmalion, Twelfth Night, The Pearl, The Law by Frederic Bastiat