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Industry Arts
Occupation Singer / Songwriter
Location United States
Introduction FLAT EARTH DIARY was born on Lake Huron, on a chance trip with some good friends and red wine. I had a handful of songs that were album-worthy, but no unifying thread, nor the pieces that would fill in the blanks – missing continents on a map. As I sat with no land in sight, it occurred me that we humans are unbelievably adaptable. Not long ago we were certain that the Earth was flat and that the oceans poured off the edge into dark space. Now, we accept as readily the notion that the Earth is round. So the question for me became, “is perception reality?” There, looking at the endless horizon of water, memories of my childhood began bubbling up - of warm ginger ale in a can; the hand-painted portrait of my parents with too-pink lips and bright blue eyes; sneaking out at night to drive fast; my grandmother’s black-feathered … all things that have shaped my perceptions. Finally, out on the boat, came the album name , as I chose to believe that that my favorite author, Terry Pratchett, most likely has it right: The Earth is a disc and the water pours off into pools of stars; that things are never as bad as we imagine, and that in the beginning, there was nothing. Which exploded.