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Occupation Unspecified
Location Washington
Introduction It was my mother who gave birth to me. I was much younger at the time. I am told that from the time I was born, I continued to grow larger and larger. Sometimes when someone hadn’t seen me for a couple of years, they’d remark, “My, how you have grown!” That’s what kind of tipped me off that this whole growth process was happening. I grew in other ways too. For example, I learned to talk, camp, kind of mosey around a lot, and communicate through dance. I continued to grow bigger all this time. And then at some point, all the growing stopped and I stayed the same size. However, I retained the ability to talk and camp without any noticeable decline. At no point during my growing phase did I ever grow gills or sprout wings or do anything else to cause me to believe that I was some kind of half-bird, half-fish type of creature. Other than that there is nothing else to note about me.
Interests I like to fill out profile questionnaires.
Favorite Movies My favorite movie? Oh, that would have to be the one I like the best. Yes, that's the one I would pick. For sure.
Favorite Music My favorite song is definitely one that sounds like a lot of clapping, but when you listen really closely, it’s actually a bunch of fruit falling off a platter onto the floor. Then at the end there’s probably a laser noise.
Favorite Books My favorite books are ones that are made into movies, so that I can sit there enjoying the movie and just randomly flip through the pages at my leisure.