Simon J. James

About me

Gender Male
Location London, United Kingdom
Introduction I write books, situation comedies, articles and humorous emails. I manage time relatively efficiently, I can tread water but distance swimming is a problem due to poor coaching as a boy. I have been able to ride a bike for many years now, a skill that gives me a sense of tremendous well-being but I remain fearful of its awesome power. I am able to play no musical instruments but can recognise 95% of them by sight alone.
Interests Comedy, Writing, Reading, Football, Rugby, Politics, Technology, Journalism
Favorite Books Catch 22, Fear and Loatching in Las Vegas, A Prayer for Owen Meany, Charles Bukowski, C. S. Lewis, Douglas Adams, Hunter S. Thompson, John Irving, Joseph Heller, Ken Kesey, Allan Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, Chuck Palahnuik, Walt Whitman