About me

Introduction I have a face only my mother could love; have a physique that a lady would swoon with delight to behold (that is before she sees my face. Otherwise, she must have a somewhat impaired vision/eye-sight )- Errr...err... am feeling ** Shy, shy** ... a little bit for having stated such 'nice things' about myself... :-P :-D heeehee but..hey before I forget to add .. have also bank accounts that seem to be forever depleted :-( .. Why huh!?
Interests Painting (Oil & water-color); (Art)Photography (Portraits & Scenery mainly); Woodwork; Musical instruments : synthesizer, e-organ, Irish tin-whistles, guitar, and harmonica; Reading; cooking and roving on a bike ... and on some 'crazy days' and in equally 'crazy mood' I would pen poems on/about 'crazy' things (personalities/people included) :P .
Favorite Movies Musicals
Favorite Music Pops (selectively); 'classicals'; ballads and folk songs.
Favorite Books I love the following: Shakespeare's tragedies; Novels by Charles Dickens, P.G.Wodehouse, Louisa May Alcott, Jane Austen, Oliver Goldsmith, George Bernard Shaw, G.K.Chesterton, F.Scott Fitzgerald, Kazou Ishiguro, John Irving, Anthony Burgess, Agatha Christie (when I was younger), Lin Yutang, Pearl S. Buck, D.H Lawrence, Edgar Allen Poe, W.Somerset Maugham, W.B.Yeats, Patrick White, William Faulkner, Ernest Hemmingway, David Lodge, Toni Morrision and maybe that of 50 (or so) other authors & authoresses. Plus the works/writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson and the poems by 'celebrity' poets such as John Keats, Robert Browning, John Donne, Lord Alfred Tennyson, William Wordsworth ....