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Location tokyo
Introduction 人間の心の中には生まれつきある音楽が流れていてそれに似た曲を人は好きになるんだとか。「自分の曲」は何だろうといつも考えながら歌詞を訳してます I have heard that every one of us has a special music running deep inside our soul and whatever music we love in our lives has something in common with that "indigenous one". I always translate English lyrics into Japanese, wondering what my music sounds like.
Interests jogging, reading, food, art, physiology, biology, zoology, history, drawing
Favorite Movies Frost/Nixon, Galaxy Quest, Revolutionary Road, October Sky, Crash, Donnie Darko, Little Children
Favorite Music ここで取り上げる曲(songs in my blog), Debussy, Avishai Cohen, Bill Evans
Favorite Books The True Believer, Fast Food Nation, In Cold Blood, Medicine Quest, Nickel and Dimed, The Catcher In The Rye, June 30th June 30th (Richard Brautigan), The Road, Timeline, The Selfish Gene