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Location Portage, MI, United States
Introduction Wife, mom, autism advocate, artist, and musician, amongst other things,...and these are just some thoughts on trying to balance that.
Interests Drawing, Painting, Knitting Crocheting, Jewelry-Making, Origami, Puzzles
Favorite Movies Memento, Serenity, Legend, Twilight, Earth Girls are Easy
Favorite Music "Siren Songs"

The children are waiting! Please tell them the story about the bald frog with the wig:

Once upon a time, in a pond far, far away, there was a frog that was overly concerned about male-pattern baldness. He found that if you pulled fibers from the reeds, and scraped them over sharp stones, they curled up like most appealing ribbons. He wove them into a "hair-hat", quite pleased with himself,...never realizing that he had nothing to worry about,...because no frog has hair to lose.