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Gender Male
Industry Religion
Occupation Pastor
Location Philadelphia Metro., United States
Introduction Sometimes people describe me as "Wezlo the Orthodox Baptist." Partly because I'm pretty stringent on dogma (read: Trinity and Incarnation) and partly because, well, there are times when I wonder why I'm in a Baptist church instead of an Orthodox one. Of course, I love being able to use a screen in worship, and many of my Orthodox friends cringe when I talk about it. So here I am, with feet in several "worlds." It's not fun, and yet it is a lot of fun.
Interests Sci-Fi, Linux, Theology, History, Liturgics
Favorite Movies Star Wars IV - VI, Star Wars III, Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Truman Show, LOTR (with the notable exception of Elves at Helm's Deep WUWT?), Matrix, Shrek, Spider-Man II, Shawshank Redemption
Favorite Music Eh, not really a "music guy"
Favorite Books Pelikan's "Christian Tradition" series, Webber's Ancient-Future Series, Pagans and Christans (Robin Lane Fox), Scandal of the Evangelical Mind, The Story We Find Ourselves In, Exclusion and Embrace