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Introduction I was born at Southwest Washington Medical Center, Vancouver, WA, USA on 30 Nov 2007. My first name, Ethan, means strong and optimistic, solid and enduring. It appears 8 times in the bible, and Ethan authored Psalm 89. My middle name, Joel, means Jehovah is the Lord. E.J. is my initial, therefore, my Chinese name is 毅(yi) which also means strong, solid and enduring, and 傑(jie) which means heroic and outstanding. Daddy and Mommy want 毅傑(E.J.) to be strong, solid, firm and enduring, and outstanding among all. My Mommy creates this blog so that my family and friends who are far away can be updated of my daily progress and development. Pls join us as Mommy and I have fun learning from each other with love, joy and laughter.