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Gender MALE
Occupation Researcher/publicist
Location Netherlands
Introduction Urban Springtime (Stadslente in Dutch) is about the relation between the 'planned city' and 'lived city'. Giving insights in the relation between 'the way a city is planned, designed and made by professionals' and 'the way a city is experienced, practiced and filled in by its users'.
My research and writings are about the tension between vision and practice. Between design and user experience. And between formal structures (top-down) and spontaneous, creative initiatives (bottom-up).
As an urban geographer I have a strong passion for public spaces. Manifesting itself in a full bookcase and continuously observing and making pictures of the way people use the built environment.
The articles are based on inspiring projects, articles, books and my own observations. The blog - on which I speak on a personal note - is for everyone who works in, live in or loves cities!
In English: Urbanspringtime
In Dutch: Stadslente
Also on Twitter and Tumblr.