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Industry Student
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Location GA, United States
Introduction I'm a 24 year old college student who finds people in general interesting to watch, listen to, and learn from. I have the most interesting group of people who surround my life. This also includes my two year old son, and my husband who is not the average Joe Shmoe. I love to surround myself with new people, art, challenges, and ideas. I thrive off of other people and try to give off energy that they can thrive off of as well. I think one's surroundings are influenced by others, therefore I try and give off positive and optimistic views and vibes so others can take a part of me with them and give to others to keep the chain of "happiness" growing. Happiness I think turns into confidence, which then turns into motivation, which produces successful outcomes. I'd like to think I was a part of someone's successful outcome.
Interests Photography, makeup artistry, night-life
Favorite Movies anything with Gerrard Butler and Jason Stathem :-). I also like the teenage 80's movies (especially with Molly Ringwald). I am not a fan of scarey movies, especially modern ones. For some reason the writers of the movies find it ok to have children hurt or killed in an awful way. My heart hurts when I see things like that - especially to children. I'm not big on crude commedies, but I do like silly commedies.
Favorite Music 90's music period. I could listen to the "90's on 9" station everyday for the rest of my life and be ok with that. This does not rule out any other type of music, however. I do like some country, EARLY Michael Jackson, and the occasional classic rock that I can sing to. The way I see it, if I can't sing to it or have fun dancing to it, it's not my type of music.
Favorite Books Books, hmmm... I really enjoy reading articles rather than books. The amount of time it takes to read a book overpowers the enjoyment I have reading the book.

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