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Location Houston, Texas, United States
Introduction Welcome to ramblings, rants and raves about photography from a highly opinionated long time participant. I have been consumed by images since taking my first photograph in 1947. Notice, I did not say “…consumed by photographs;” I said, “…consumed by images.” Images are an entity unto themselves totally apart from the medium, which is what I feel art should be. What I offer is unadulterated, although carefully measured, opinion—nothing more, nothing less. I will always strive to be as honest and as precise in expressing that opinion as possible. It comes from over a half of a century looking at and thinking about photographs. I can be, okay, I am visually prejudiced, hopefully with cause. And, yes, I have a tendency to preach—an obsession with photography is akin to religion or at least a religious experience in many ways. I have always had a suspicion that all photographers are somewhat like little gods running around snapping into reality their own little flat-earth worlds.
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