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Industry Student
Location Marang, Terengganu, Malaysia
Introduction a leo girl with a stone in her lil heart + a twins to her bro + a daughter with no cooking skill + a single girl who is still waiting for her magic carpet ride with a right prince + a student who always struggling with procrastination + a friend with large ears to be a good listener + a buddy with shoulders to cry on + a pretty sensitive person with no tears + a bubbly person and fun to be around but shy around new people + love to sleep,eat,laugh & daydream a lot + hate to wait,to be controlled & sleep with the light on + easily to laugh even for a light joke but hardly to stop + forgive quickly, forget? never + Guys??? just friend in current, tehee :D there are many things that i don't know 'bout but 1 thing that i'm completely sure is i love my family & friends damn much + Anyway, life is toO short to be anything but happy ^^...Briefly, that's all *still looking the real me*. Thanks a lot for spending your time to view my profile :)
Favorite Books aA + bB... Versus... Rooftop Rant... Chicken Soup 4 da Teenage Soul... Bicara Hati... Aku Terima Nikahnya...