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Industry Accounting
Occupation Potter!
Location Calhoun County, West Virginia, United States
Introduction i'm an old hippie, determined not to age gracefully! Stuck in the mud of West Virginia. Living in redneck splendor (or maybe that should be squalor?!) with my sweetie (a blue eyed, redneck indian and the creative force behind GreenMan Leather), three dogs, one nervous cat and too many projects on the bank of the West Fork of the Little Kanawha River. I'm a newcomer to these old hills-- moved here in July 05-- but i've got the zeal of the recently converted! I love it here in my adopted valley & these days i venture out to the real world as little as possible-- only go out to stock up on chai tea & good chocolate, or if i have to sell some pots. Then i hurry home as fast as i can!
Interests animal rights, B&Bs, barter, beaches, beads, bellydance, books, British Isles, Canada, clay, Celts, Celtic, Celtic Spirituality, chocolate chip cookies, cookies, dogs, dog rescue, dog training, dreadlocks, England, etsy, fairies, fairie festivals, feminism, good pizza, Good Reads, hippies, historic fiction, historic reenactment, Indian food, intentional communities, knitting, naps, Native Americans, NPR, pagans, pottery, reading, renn fests, rivers, SCA, social networking, speculative fiction, supporting myself as a crafter, tattoos, thrift shops, travel, traveling cheaply, trolls (in fairy tales, not online!), tudor history, Twitter, vegetarianism, wool socks, yoga
Favorite Movies Princess Bride, Pride and Prejudice, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Local Hero, Saving Grace, Waking Ned Divine, Chronicles of Narnia, LOTR, Little Miss Sunshine
Favorite Music Mark Knopfler, emmylou harris, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Old Blind Dogs, Tinsmith, Great Big Sea, on Sirius i switch from Spectrum to Prime Country to Coffeehouse...
Favorite Books how about authors?, Terry Pratchett, Hat Full of Sky, Wee Free Men, Guy Gaverial Kay, Jane Austin, Amanda Quick, Susan Cooper, (the Dark is Rising series), Greenwitch, Philip Pullman, The Golden Compass, (His Dark Materials series), Dorothy Sayers, Susan King, Beekeeper's Apprentice, Justice Hall, Anne Perry

You've been invited to a fancy ball but the only thing you have to wear is an orange wooly jumper. What shoes do you wear?

my awesome purple Doc Martens of course! And i'd freshen up my dreads & get some nice, hmmm, green wool socks. C'mon, give me a hard question!