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Gender MALE
Occupation Pessimist
Location Ossian's Cave, Glencoe, Scotland, United Kingdom
Introduction We're all doomed! Doomed! The end is nigh, and if not nigh it's probably only just around the corner. Leave Earth while there is still time.
Interests Unfortunate Events, Disasters, Horrible Accidents, Things Going Wrong, Broken Bedsteads, Misfortune, World Weariness, Politicians, Accumulating Rubbish, Feeling gloomy, Morgellons, Morgellons Disease, Morgellons Syndrome
Favorite Movies The Day the Earth Stood Still
Favorite Music Valse Triste, Beethoven's Funeral March, Chopin's "Marche Funebre", Lizst's "Marche Funebre", Gounod's "Marche Funebre des Marionettes", Heartbreak Hotel, The Dead March (from "Saul", The Walk to the Scaffold (Berlioz), "Grande Messe Des Mortes" (Berlioz)
Favorite Books Old Moore's Almanac, The Book of Job, Heroic Failures (Stephen Pile)

Whoops! Your tongue is now a magnet. Whatever will you use for silverware?

Silver isn't magnetic, you ignorant prat. If you said "Whatever will you use for cutlery?" the question would be much improved, even bordering on the comical.