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Occupation 24/7 mom/blogger
Location Manila, Rizal, Philippines
Introduction I go by the name NOR...and I'm just a typical mom on call 24/7 (they're all grown ups)...always want to be babied, cool, friendly but most of the time introverted and yet so easy to be with but sometimes tend to be aloof and tight-lipped, and moody... and sometimes too, ballistic, but very forgiving. I find slack and remiss unforgivable. Always giving encouragement and imbue a lot of discipline and never get tired teaching them positive principles that will help them in their lifetime. I love every beat of music, and I do read a lot...I love simplicity...that, I'm not used to dressing up to the nines, always ending up buying in a slopshop. I'm a stickler for punctuality and hate to be kept kicking my heels waiting and too afraid to make boo-boos...I'm no push over. I fight when I know I am right. I love to travel around the world. I love nature-tripping and soul-searching. Doing a little tutoring on line as part time. The Golden Rule...is my motto.
Interests I've lost my interest doing sports since I've learned about my (lateral) 30 degrees spinal curvature that deprived me of keeping fit and sporty...
Favorite Movies Bourne Supremacy, Face-off, Collateral, Identity, Bridges of the Madison County, Fatal Attraction, Bourne Identity, Water world, The Grey
Favorite Music consonant! Rock, Reggae, Bossa, Jazz, RNB, Nocturnes-Classical, and Nature's sussuration is also music to my ears...]
Favorite Books Fictional and Science books, Book of Poems and Literary gems....Sidney Sheldon, Dean Koontz's...Paolo Coelho...now reading 50 Shades of Grey...

You're trapped in a well with a goat and a slinky. Describe how you will escape.

Remove my slinky and put it in the pail, once it's been lowered down and make it known that we're trapped there, and let that someone save the poor goat too.