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Industry Publishing
Location Toronto, ON, Canada
Introduction Red Herring is an up and coming performer in Toronto's thriving burlesque circuit. Witch a background in dance and theatre, a bevvy of nerdy interests, and a lifetime of shouting 'Look Over Here!' during bank robberies, you can bet she's sauntered her way onto stage to distract and entertain you. Just make sure you watch your wallet.
Interests abandoned buildings, absinthe, airships, anachronism, anime, anime conventions, art, astrology, ball-jointed dolls, bats, bisexuality, bishounen, bjds, black eyeliner, black phoenix alchemy lab, books, breakfast, canada, cats, character creation, childfree, chocolate, clockwork, coffeehouse, condos, conventions, corsets, cthulhu, cyberpunk, dancing, ddr, design, developing characters, diy, drawing, dreaming, faeries, fantasy, fiction, flea markets, food network, furniture, gay rights, ghosts, graphic novels, halloween, haunted houses, hauntings, herbal tea, homoerotica, imaginations, japan, journalism, larping, manga, mashed potatoes, mythology, nanowrimo, national novel writing month, neo victorian, nine inch nails, notebooks, original fiction, paganism, piracy, pirates, post-its, ragnarok, ranting, reading, red hair, roleplaying, rpgs, schadenfreude, sex, shota, shounen ai, slash, sleeping in, smut, stars, staying up too late, steampunk, tamora pierce, tarot, tea, the internet, thunderstorms, unicorns, vampires, victoriana, video games, webcomics, worldbuilding, writing, yaoi, zeppelins
Favorite Movies Se7en, The Black Stallion, Brotherhood of the Wolf, Chicago, Wild Wild West, The Young Black Stallion, Pirates of the Caribbean
Favorite Music NIN, Bitter:Sweet, Keith Urban, Evanescence, Saliva, Nightwish, Bon Jovi, Avenged Sevenfold, Linkin Park, The Rasmus, A Perfect Circle, Beyonce, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Metallica, Alannah Miles, Vanessa Mae, Nickleback, Rammstein, Akira Yamaoka, Rob Zombie, Within Temptation
Favorite Books The Immortals Quartet, World War Z, Perdido Street Station, Good Omens, The Twelve Kingdoms, His Dark Materials, Four and Twenty Blackbirds