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Gender MALE
Occupation Software Engineer and Massage Therapist
Location South San Francisco, California, United States
Introduction It's difficult to describe an entity that is always evolving, but perhaps I'm evolving according to a deeper pattern. I'm an unconventional guy with unusual tastes and a strong belief that everyone has an inherent right to equality and to be left alone to pursue their interests and desires. Nobody has the right to demand that another person behave a certain way simply for their own social convenience. I think that underdogs everywhere need a cheering section, and I'm happy to start the wave there. Those underserved and ignored by the rest of society because of who or how they love or because of whatever misfortune may have visited them need love too. Life is a great journey of figuring out who we are, what we believe in and how we can maximize our potential. That's my guiding principle and eventually why I'll be leaving Software Engineering for my own bodywork practice.
Interests bodywork, massage therapy, Java, FreeBSD, bicycling, AIDS/Lifecycle, pie, gay, men,, civil rights, gay rights, civil liberties, Doctor Who, noncognitivism, INTJ
Favorite Movies Truman Show, American Beauty, Being John Malkovich, Ghost World, Fargo, Wizard of Oz, UHF, Office Space, Night of the Hunter, Donnie Darko, Lost Highway, Mulholland Drive, Blue Velvet, Eraserhead
Favorite Music Information Society, Assemblage 23, VNV Nation, Apoptygma Berzerk, Erasure, OMD, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, Seabound

You have to dig a hole to China. Where do you start?

On the ground.