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Gender MALE
Industry Student
Location Asbury Park, New Jersey, United States
Introduction I am a Christ-Follower within the Episcopal Tradition. With all of my will i tried to know God, to define God, even to name God, and then a time came when i realized i could not know God. God can only be experienced, not known. Following the way of Jesus led me to realize that "The community of heaven" really is within me. the Great Sufi Mystic Rumi said. "The door to the sanctuary is within you" Suddenly the words we are told Jesus spoke, "Behold i stand at the door and knock" took on a deeper meaning to me. I love the words to the Aramaic version of the Lords prayer that read, " Birther of the Cosmos, focus your light within us" The best i can do to experience God (Abwoon D' Bashmaya) or the Mother of the Cosmos is to Focus the light the "Shemaya" the vibration of the Universe within me, and to join in the Divine Romance, the wonderful dance in which she leads me, until as the poet Yeats said, ""Who can tell the dancer from the dance?" This blog is my personal journey as i enter the song.