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Occupation Philanthropy
Location North Shore, Long Island, NY, United States
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Introduction Writer, Painter, Temptress, Entertainer. I am a pen and paper kinda writer. I delight in meeting people from all walks of life. I use people for what I write. I like to paint mostly with the color blue. You will always in the grace of my company have my full attention,if you have earned it of course. I thrive on attention being an only child and it will be to your advantage some of the time. The rest of the time I go into my own world. Please know :YOU ARE FOREWARNED FOR THIS IS MY OWN OUTLET!You may choose to read @ your own risk. It might offend, but I really don't care. It's non-sense. My alter ego's ( and after 35 years I have more then 1 or 2 ) It will or will not make sense @ times that's the point. Use your imagination. It's so underrated now a days. Conduct yourself with etiquette,and contain yourself. If you harass me, to the point of my annoyance,I'll sue you.I have the time,I can have the patience of a Saint & the lawyers. I DO OWN THE RIGHTS TO ALL OF MY WRITINGS THEY MAY NOT BE REPRODUCED IN ANYWAY WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.I do not own the rights to music,movies or quotes I use. It's simply added flair.
Interests 1920's, 1930s, 1940s, aristocracy, artists, autodidactism, avant-garde, baking, ballroom dancing, being in my own world, big band orchestra, big words, blue bloods, blues, bohemians, burlesque, cats, cello, chivalry, class, classical elite theory, classical music, classy, collecting antique books, confidence, cooking, corsets, cosmetics, culinary arts, culture, dapper, dark coffee, daydreaming, documenting, droll humor, eccentrics, egalitarianism, elegance, elitism, elitist snobbery, empathy, erotic foods, erotic literature, eroticism, ethereal, etiquette, european culture, film noir, flowers, foreign films, french cinema, gardening, garters, gourmet dining, grace, haute couture, high culture, history, identifying trends, humanities, impressionism, independent thoughts, inspiring, instant gratification, intellects, intimate, introverts, ivory towers, jazz, languages, late night conversations, laughing until you fall over, limousine liberals, Manhattan NY, mysticism, noble lineage, NYC, oceans, old hollywood glamour, old school jazz, old time radio, opera, own individual style, painting, passion, philanthropy, plein air painting, pink cigarettes, poetry, poise, postcards, procrastination, proper diction, proper grammar, rainy afternoons, reading, red wine, rescuing animals, sarcasm, shakespeare, shameless self-indulgence, silent films, silent films stars, silly giggles, singing, smoking, smoky jazz bars, soulful, sparkly glittery lights, spirituality, style, subtitles, Sunday lazy afternoons in bed reading the paper, theology, traveling the world, turner classic movies, un-pretentiousness, vintage, vocabulary enhancing, voracious intellects, vulnerability, wandering around nyc, wanderlust, willows, wine, wit, writing
Favorite Movies Ha.. Who has time for all that reading.
Favorite Music I have a the most ridiculous eclectic taste in music. It varies completely on my mood.
Favorite Books Seriously how much time do you have!