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Introduction my name is jenna valentine. i am 23 and from southern california. i have a hello kitty obsession/sickness. i love all things horror and spooky! zombies, freddy krueger and gore!
Interests HELLO KITTY, make-up, pin-up girls, smoking all of the weed, silent movie stars, gore, zombies, horror, freddy krueger, all things spooky, Halloween
Favorite Movies the devil's rejects, the nightmare before christmas, amelie, corpse bride, house of 1000 corpses, the bride of frankenstein, v for vendetta, the creature of the black lagoon, finding nemo, frankenstein, dracula, halloween, natural born killers, edward scissorhands, planet terror, office space, interview with the vampire, shaun of the dead, a nightmare on elm street, the mummy (the universal original), fear and loathing in las vegas, snatch, night of the living dead, dawn of the dead, fight club, frida, friday the 13th, trainspotting, the wolf man, some like it hot, team america, anchorman, pulp fiction, the birdcage, breakfast at tiffany's
Favorite Music marilyn manson, rasputina, rob zombie, siouxsie and the banshees, mindless self indulgence, horrorpops, nekromantix, cruxshadows, the misfits, danzig, sisters of mercy, david bowie, the cure, white zombie, dresden dolls, the birthday massacre, depeche mode, nine inch nails, gogol bordello, kmfdm, ohgr, sneaker pimps, barnyard ballers, oingo boingo, switchblade symphony, portishead, a perfect circle, amy winehouse, britney spears, devil doll, bjork, new skin, koffin kats, garbage, rammstein, creatures, rezurex, lady sovereign, cramps, afi, lords of acid, iggy pop, bauhaus, skinny puppy, the doors, apoptygma berzerk, yeah yeah yeahs, combichrist, fiona apple, tom waits, vnv nation, genitorturers, matson jones, tre lux, covenant, faint, kidney thieves, smashing pumpkins, billy idol, lady tron, interpol, tiger army, crustation, queen, johnny cash, blondie, rihanna, spice girls
Favorite Books the great gatsby (f. scott fitzgerald), the long hard road out of hell (marilyn manson), interview with the vampire (anne rice), how to make love like a porn star (jenna jameson), candy (luke davies), go ask alice (anonymous), invisible monsters (chuck palahniuk), american psycho (brett easton ellis), less than zero (brett easton ellis)